Academic year 2012–13: the great launch

6 October 2012

EducateFirst’s new academic year 2012–13 got off to an amazing start this weekend. The restart of the tuition classes paralleled with the launch of the new learning initiative in Bradford.

After months of planning and training over the summer, the management team and tutors did a fantastic job across all four learning centres. This was a mammoth task made successful due to great team enthusiasm and unmatched dedication across the board.

Parents and students welcomed the start of the educational classes in Leeds, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Bradford, and provided the individual management teams with some very positive feedback. The high quality of the tuition provided to students was clearly demonstrated by the fantastic planning and delivery of lessons by individual tutors.

EducateFirst remains committed to continuing its learning projects across all centres, providing local school children with the educational support they need. We continue to work closely with tutors, students and parents to ensure we provide the best possible tutoring service in Maths, English and Science to school children aged 5–16 years. New incentives and ideas are already in the pipeline and will be rolled out during the course of the academic year to help make private tuition affordable and accessible to all.

Again, we would like to thank all our tutors, volunteers and management staff who worked so hard to make this project a great success – a fantastic team effort that yielded amazing results. We look forward to continue working with you all as we progress through the year.

The EducateFirst Team.

17 thoughts on “Academic year 2012–13: the great launch”

  1. There are so many companies out there that charge students an arm and a leg but pay very little to the tutors. Here, I see you charge students around £5 but your hourly rate for teachers is better that those who charge over £20 from the students. Do you have any vacancies? I have my own car and therefore able to travel.



    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Andrew,

      Thank you for your compliment. Classes at our learning centres are designed to support students and that is what we focus on. Although many of our tutors work in mainstream schools, our learning project has provided other tutors and PGCE graduates with the opportunity to gain valuable classroom/teaching experience.

      Tutors are welcome register online. Please visit the ‘Tutor Zone’ on our website for details.


  2. I just wanted to add to all the other comments you have been getting on your tutoring project for school children. My child attends your classes in Bradford and loves it. The teacher is very good and he is already learning a lot of new things. He enjoys coming here more than going to school. Thank you to all the teachers at the centre for helping him.

    I am going to send my other child to your classes but he too young yet 🙂

  3. Love the classes. Much better than others I have sent my kiddies to. Teachers are great and I get to see my child’s progress. A great professional service for a very low fee.

    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Sara,

      Thank you for your support. The success of our learning project for school children is down to the hard work and commitment from our tutors and students. We need your continued support by informing your family and friends of the educational support that is available to them outside of school hours. Our team continues to provide an excellent service that is outstanding value for money.

      Once again, many thanks for your support.

      The EducateFirst Team.

  4. Great tuition classes.
    Great website.
    Great service.
    Great teachers.
    Great price.
    Hope to see great grades for my children 🙂

    Thank you Educate First.

    From Joanna (parent at Huddersfield centre)

    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Joanna,

      Thank you for your message. We do our best to support children attending our tuition centres and it’s great to hear this fantastic feedback. We actively encourage more parents to provide with with their feedback as this is a great way to ensure we continue to provide a great service to the local community.

      Parents, we want to hear from you all. You can also provide us with your feedback online at the following link: http://www.educatefirst.co.uk/tuition-classes-maths-english-science/review-our-classes/

      Thank you,


  5. I have sent my kids to other tutoring centres but either the kids hated it or they just did not learn anything. I have now found Educate First but was a little cautious as the prices were just very low and I wondered how much the kids would actually learn. The kids really love attending and have picked up new skills and are able to work on their own at school without a lot of help from their teacher.

    Thank you to everyone working at Educate First.

  6. I am not that good with computers but your website is great. I will try to get the hang of it!

    Do you sell any books are school kids? my son is doing his SATS and i want him to attend your classes but we just don’t have time as my hubby and i are working the weekend.

    Can we get a home tutor who will teach the same kind of things as your classes? My friend goes and its really good.

  7. Just waiting for the Christmas turkey in the oven so finally had a few mins to write a few comments on your tuition classes.

    The classes in huddersfield are fantastic.
    The teachers give the students all the support they need.
    Cost of tuition is very low at your centre.
    Teachers are friendly and the kids love going there every saturday.

    Run classes in other subjects such as lanugauges, history and geography.
    Run classes all day long like another school day.
    I am happy to pay more if you could run the sessions for more than 1 hour for each subject.

    Thanks. Must get back to the turkey.

    Happy Christmas everyone 🙂

  8. Really like this website, but wish there was more information in your blogs for people who want to get into teaching or teach abroad.

  9. Hi,

    Will these classes also run in the summer? What about the next school year? I was hoping to send my kids to you a few months ago but I have been busy at work on Saturdays. I have been sending my kids to another company called cluedo kids but they are not very good, so I have stopped sending them and look forward to seeing what you guys can offer. My friends daughter attends your classes and find it very helpful so it all sounds very promising.

    I have just registered on your website. Please can you send me some details? I am from Huddersfield.

    Thank you.


  10. Already looking forward to the summer school and new academic year with EducateFirst. When will the classes start in September/October as there is no information on your website.

  11. Can I register now for next school year 2013 to 2014? I will be in year 11 and need a good tutor to help me get ready for my finals. I am from Leeds and would like to attend the Bangladeshi Centre for my lessons. I came down a couple of weeks ago to have a look around and my dad says I can join.

  12. Hello, when will the new classes start in September? I have really enjoyed coming to your classes in the last 4 months and want to start again in September. Please let me know.

    Also will it be the same price or will you be putting the prices up?


    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Sara,

      The classes are scheduled to commence on Saturday 5 October 2013. There are currently no plans to increase the tuition fees – we want to ensure that students like yourself receive continued benefit from the learning project and we are proud to offer our low fees (only £6.25 per lesson) across the board, no matter what your age or level of education.

      Thank you,


  13. I am a tutor and would love to work with your organisation as a volunteer in the Huddersfield Bradford or even the Leeds centre. Could I please apply as I need to gain experience as part of my PGCE qualification.

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