About us

Who We Are & What We Do

EducateFirst is an established organisation within the education sector, providing high-quality personal tutoring services and careers advice at an affordable price for both children and adults of all ages.

We offer support in all subjects on the National Curriculum; however, we specialise in the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) at all levels. We strive to help our students achieve the grades they need to lay the foundations for their further education or future career. We aim to deliver a personalised service in the form of one-to-one tuition to meet the educational needs of each individual student.

Our Community Project

EducateFirst recognised an unmet need for educational support for children within local communities. In 2009, working with local teachers, we founded and pioneered a community-based learning initiative, offering an affordable and accessible tutoring service for local school children, regardless of their religion, faith, ethnicity or background. This not-for-profit tutoring service is part of our ongoing commitment to help meet the educational needs and wishes of children and their families across communities. To our knowledge, we are the only UK establishment offering this much-needed service in the absence of any grant or funding. This is what makes us different to other companies that are usually profit driven.

This unique service has established our place in the education industry and allowed us to make a distinctive and substantial positive impact on our students, their education and career prospects. Our team of dedicated and experienced tutors continues to support hundreds of students every week. 

Our offices are currently located in Leeds with learning centres across West Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

Our Mission

EducateFirst is dedicated to serving local communities. Our community-based learning initiative aims to help children become proficient in all aspects of Maths, English and Science, develop key life skills and equip them with the right tools to help lay firm foundations for their future. Taking a 360° (all round) approach to learning, we endeavour to provide affordable, quality private education for children and adults through home tuition and classroom teaching.

EducateFirst works with local tutors to help local children achieve great results

Our Pledge

We are proud to maintain our pledge to donate 5% of our annual Company profits to charitable causes. The Company’s charitable interests are wide-ranging within its long-standing policy of support for children in developing countries. These children are not always fortunate enough to have an education, but instead have to perform a full day’s work in order to help support their families.

EducateFirst helps these children by working closely with UK charities such as Oxfam, that are actively involved in projects directed towards providing education for children and the relief of child poverty. We support Oxfam’s policy of “making poverty history”. 

The lack of basic education for children in developing countries has been a problem for many years; however, we firmly believe that we can make a difference with our pledge to support the good work of charitable organisations. Our aim is to help provide a basic level of education for such children in order that they can be equipped with essential key life skills for a better future. 

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Maths, English & Science Tuition For Ages 5-16 • Limited Places • ONLY £7.50/hr

Maths, English & Science Tuition • ONLY £7.50/hr