Items To Bring

When Attending Classes

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Essential items

There are a few basic everyday school items that you/your child will need to bring to each lesson.
All learning materials and resources will be provided during the lesson.
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Food and drink during break times​

Students may bring with them a small snack and drink to consume during the short break. This may include a sandwich and a bottle of water. The following foods and refreshments are NOT permitted in class:
Icon No Entry

Prohibited items​

As with all schools, we operate a strict policy on which items students may bring with them when attending class. Students and parents (or any other visitors) may NOT bring any of the following prohibited items on to the premises, including the buildings and grounds:

We take the safety and welfare of our students, staff and visitors very seriously. Any student found to be in possession of any prohibited item will be expelled from the sessions without warning.

Icon Multiple Devices

Electronic mobile devices​

Students are permitted to bring with them a laptop or tablet device should they wish to use it for educational purposes during their lessons; however, please seek permission from your tutor first.

Students may also carry a mobile phone, but this must remain switched off and out of sight at all times during the lesson. For your safety and the safety of other students as well as our staff, we operate a strict policy where mobile phones cannot be used in class. Students who may need to make an emergency telephone call should request permission from the tutor to make the call outside of the class.

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