Terms & Conditions

Editorial Services

1. Definitions

The term “Client” refers to the person(s), including their nominees, requiring or requesting editorial or any other related services from EducateFirst. The term “Company”, “us”, “we” or “our” refers to EducateFirst (Ltd).

2. Contract

By agreeing to use our services the Client shall be bound to these terms and conditions, and (if applicable) any other specific details outlined in the Contract. The Company reserves the right to amend, or add to, these terms and conditions at any time – in such a case, the Company will provide this information in writing to its Clients.

3. Payment

All fees and any associated charges will be communicated clearly to the Client by the Company. The Client agrees to pay all fees relating to the requested services.

Payments must be made in advance of commencing work on any assignment or proceeding with a service. Where the Company has agreed that the Client may pay by instalments, the Client is obliged to make the payments on the due dates.

In the event of a late or delayed payment from the Client, all ongoing services for that Client shall cease until payment is complete. Late payments may also be subjected to administration fees.

Refunds for any service will only be given under special circumstances and at the discretion of EducateFirst Ltd. For pre-paid orders, a full refund will be issued if the Company is unable to find a suitable editor to complete the order within the agreed timeframe.

4. Cancellation

The Client may cancel an order for the supply of services (or delay the start of the services) within 7 working days from the day the Contract was concluded. The Company may charge for any direct costs incurred as a result of the Client’s order for the services.

5. Liability

The Client agrees to indemnify EducateFirst, its directors, managers and employees of all claim liabilities, loss, costs and expenses (actual or consequential) of every kind and nature known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, directly and indirectly arising as a result of services (or the late delivery of services) provided or liaison with the company, its affiliates, employees or representatives.

6. Provision of editorial and proofreading services

We warrant that all editorial and related service provided by EducateFirst is plagiarism-free and correct to the best of the editor’s knowledge.

The Company will not sell, publish or distribute any written material supplied by the Client as part of the services.

7.  Confidentiality

The Company agrees that the Client’s use of its Services will be kept completely confidential and that their personal or other details will never knowingly be revealed to any third parties other than those directly involved in the supply of the Services.

8.  Copyright

All services provided by the Company remain the copyright of the Client.

The Client maintains full copyright of any material supplied to the Company and any material completed by the Company as part of its Services to the Client.

The Client shall indemnify the Company against all liability in respect of any infringement of copyright or any other similar right or claim resulting from a breach of this condition.

9. Termination of service by the Company

The Company reserves the right to terminate the Contract and/or the delivery of any service immediately by notice through email in the event of the Client being in breach of these terms and conditions.

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