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Maths English Science Tuition in Leeds Huddersfield Bradford ONLY £6.25Here at EducateFirst, we believe in providing each child with the best opportunity to help them excel throughout their academic years. No matter what their age or ability, our tuition services and effective learning programmes can help your child improve their confidence, enhance their concentration, become proficient in core subjects, develop essential life skills, and help lay the foundations for their future.

With our 360° approach to education, we make learning for your child our priority and ensure that they find studying an interesting, stimulating and accessible experience. Essentially, we are your partner in education.

What we offer

We offer:We offer:
• Tuition in Maths, English and Science for ages 5–16 at a local learning centre for just £6.25?Tutoring work in your specialist subject area based within your local community?
• A personal home or class tutor to support you with your studies or prepare for exams?Flexible and convenient working hours in the evening and/or weekends?
Affordable, professional learning sessions, weekend revision classes and homework clubs?Work experience teaching children from Key Stage 1 to 4 levels in a classroom environment?
• A private tutor to help you boost your confidence, and develop key life and communication skills?• Help to further your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and career progression?
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Educational classes only £6.25 per hour


More information about our tutoring services

As a parent you may decide to hire a tutor for private tuition for a number of different reasons:
  • help a child who may be struggling with a specific topic or subject at school (primary, secondary, SATs, GCSE and A-level)
  • support a child who has temporarily fallen behind to catch up
  • learn a subject outside the school environment
  • give your child the gentle push they need to help them with their coursework, homework or revision plan and achieve better exam grades
  • raise levels of school performance by helping a child to form good study habits, increase their confidence and motivation, and develop self esteem
  • develop new study skills
  • provide closer attention to your child's specific needs, which is not always possible at school.
  • There are various types of tuition you can opt for. Private tuition can be in the form of one-to-one or group tuition at home, or as a class at a learning centre. Children respond in different ways, and one type of tuition that is suitable for one child may not be suitable for another. Our tutors will be happy to provide you with the advice and guidance you need to ensure your child benefits from the tutoring sessions. Visit our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page where you will find answers to many questions asked by parents like yourselves.

    EducateFirst recognises that each child is unique, each having different skills, abilities and ways in which they learn. This is why we take a 360° approach to learning and teaching, and endeavour to deliver a personalised tuition programme tailored to meet the educational needs of each individual student. We offer a range of tutoring services, including part-time classes and courses, booster sessions, summer school and home tuition throughout Yorkshire, with learning centres currently in Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and Dewsbury.

    As a reputable and established tutoring agency, we use qualified teachers who are highly skilled and trained to understand the needs of your child and can help them build their confidence, improve their key academic skills, communication skills, life skills and exam grades. Our simple, yet effective tutoring programmes and services are offered to both children and adults of all ages and are designed to help students reach their potential.

    Regular study is essential and we urge parents to actively be involved in their child's education at home. Showing an interest in your child's work and marking their work, highlighting what they may have done wrong can help you bond with your child in a way that is different to simple parenting. Praise and encouragement are also invaluable – so don't forget to recognise your child's efforts and the progress they are making. This way your child will progress in subjects like Maths, English and Science whilst developing excellent self-study and life skills.

    Let our tutors help you explore all learning options for your child to help them reach their potential and achieve the most out of each tutoring session.

    Visit other pages of this website where you will find valuable information as well as practical advice for tutors, parents and students. Information includes understanding the school National Curriculum, key stages, children with special education needs (SEN) as well as exam hints and study tips.

    Star service Star service Star service Star service Star service

    At EducateFirst we offer:

    Yes FREE initial consultation

    Yes FREE initial assessment

    Yes A personalised learning programme aligned with the National Curriculum

    Yes Unique educational work packs and materials for your child

    Yes A chance for your child to develop key life skills and build their confidence

    Yes FREE ongoing monthly assessments/tests during the academic year

    Yes Opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress with our tutors

    Yes FREE end of term progress report for your child

    Yes NO pushy salesperson – our classes are part of a community project.

    EducateFirst has pioneered a successful community-based learning initiative in the form of private educational classes at learning centres across Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Dewsbury). The classes held every weekend accommodate primary, secondary, GCSE and A-level (Key Stages 1 to 5) students aged 5–18 and follow the National Curriculum with a focus on core subjects (Maths [numeracy], English [literacy] and Science). Maths and English tuition is very important during primary school years, with Science becoming increasingly important when your child attends secondary school. Having a sound understanding and knowledge of these core subjects are important for every child during their school years and beyond. We are now also offering SATs exam preparation classes - our specialist and experiences tutors can help your child prepare for SATs tests.

    At EducateFirst we are inspired by children, your children, and drive for constant improvement to ensure we provide the best possible education for your child. We continually monitor your child in class by assessing pupil progress (APP) providing you and your child with feedback on how they are doing, highlighting their strengths as well as areas they can improve on together with guidance as to how this may be achieved.

    Our unique and interactive educational programmes complement the work your child will cover at school whilst providing a solid foundation for later school years and improving career prospects to succeed in life. Working with qualified teachers, we have developed unique educational work packs for each subject and level aligned with the National Curriculum - these work packs are exclusive to EducateFirst and are used by children attending classes. Furthermore, we have been developing, revising and improving our class tutoring programmes following feedback from teachers, students and parents. This is because we are not looking for a short-term solution to your educational needs - we are in it with you and your child for the long run.

    There are several reasons why parents choose EducateFirst classes over those provided by other tutoring organisations and self-employed tutors. All our tutors are CRB checked and have the relevant qualifications and experience in their specialist subject - many of them are fully qualified teachers and are in full-time employment at local primary and secondary schools. Registration for students to attend our classes is completely FREE and you are not tied into any long-term contract. A small fee of £6.25 (£5 during promotional periods) is charged for each lesson up to GCSE level (£10 for A-level); this fee is used to help cover some of the costs associated with running the classes, purchasing equipment, materials and stationary, and hiring tutors for their professional service. This is excellent value for money considering many tutoring companies charge up to £26 per lesson for class/group tuition on top of a £50+ registration fee. Even self-employed tutors can charge £15 or £20 per student for group sessions. To our knowledge, EducateFirst is the only professional organisation to offer such a unique service to local communities at such a unique low price.

    Thinking about hiring a child minder? Why not join our tuition classes - we will not only mind your children, but educate them too for a fraction of the cost of hiring a child minder or babysitter. Our tuition classes are part of a community-based learning initiative designed to help students achieve their learning objectives. Unlike other companies who provide tuition to make money, we pride ourselves in operating this learning project to benefit the community and not to make money...we put you FIRST.

    Do you feel the need for educational classes in your local community? Contact us to discuss opportunities in your area.

    To supplement our weekend class that run throughout the course of the year, we run a summer school programme at each of our learning centres during the school summer holidays, providing children with fun and interactive learning activities as well as the opportunity to catch up with any work they may have either missed or not quite understood over the course of the year - it also prepares them for the next academic year. The summer school has been a successful side project for local communities. Let us help your child bridge the gap in their learning.
    Some children may require specific, individualised support or may simply respond better to one-to-one home tuition. No matter what subject or level, our specialist tutors can help your child meets their targets. Working closely with parents and children, our tutors are able to plan an Individualised tutoring programme, providing the best possible support to ensure optimised learning outcomes. Students can have as little or as much support as they wish - our tutors will be happy to recommend a tutoring programme tailored to meet your specific educational needs, but it is entirely up to you how you wish to proceed with your lessons. Home tuition is not restricted to children and is also offered to adults of any age.
    We can also offer free and impartial advice if you are concerned in any way about your or your child's educational needs. Our FREE education open days have been very popular and have provided local communities with the support and advice they required. Primary, secondary and GCSE tutors specialising in Maths, English and Science subjects are available onsite for parents/students seeking advice. Visit our blog and keep up-to-date with details of future open day and other educational events.
    See what other parents and students have to say about our tutoring services - read some of the testimonials submitted to EducateFirst for both one-to-one personal home tutoring as well as group tuition and classes at our learning centres. We have helped thousands of students and their families through our range of educational services - isn't it time you let us help you? Contact us for more information - we are here to help.


    “Education is a fundamental element of success” – The EducateFirst Team


     EducateFirst working with local communities for a better education
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