Teacher training / briefing session 2012

EducateFirst teacher brief for academic year29 September 2012

In preparation for the new academic year 2012–13, we held two teacher training sessions at our centres in Leeds and Huddersfield. Company representatives provided tutors with a brief overview of the company structure and its ongoing learning project for the local school children. We had some teachers who had returned to support the project from the last academic year, and as with previous years there were some new friendly faces who had recently joined the team. Tutors will work in one of the centres in Leeds, Huddersfield, Dewsbury or the new centre in Bradford.

Following a series of short presentations, highlighting key roles for each tutor, attendees participated in an interactive session. Working in groups they had to provide feedback on a given ‘real-life’ scenario in a classroom setting and how they would manage various situations. This was an excellent opportunity for tutors to get to know one another, exchange ideas and learn new skills. The training concluded with an interactive Q&A session which allowed both the management team and tutors to ask any questions and put forward their views. Delegates each received a tutor handbook for the new year, comprising key information relating to EducateFirst’s syllabus and programmes of study for each subject and Key Stage.

EducateFirst is committed to its ongoing work within the community and support from local tutors is essential for the continued success of its educational support in Maths, English and Science for school children. Roll on the classes this Saturday 6 October 2012.

– The EducateFirst Team.

4 thoughts on “Teacher training / briefing session 2012”

  1. Lalanlukose

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  2. I wanted to get into teaching. Can i attend the next training day please? How do I register?

    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Lin,

      Thank you for your message. Currently, EducateFirst tutor training sessions are only for individuals who are providing support and assistant with our educational programmes. Future training sessions may be open to all tutors and individuals thinking about pursuing a career in teaching. Details will be available on our website in due course.


      EF Team

  3. Do these teacher training sessions take place throughout the year? How can I apply for a place?

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