Bradford education open day

22 September 2012

   On a warm and bright September Saturday afternoon EducateFirst opened its doors to the long-awaited open day at the Grange Interlink in Bradford. The event took place after months of planning and raising awareness of the educational support available to the local community. Following in the footsteps of similar events over the years in Leeds, Huddersfield and Dewsbury, the Bradford open day was a huge success. With over 250 attendees this was our largest free open day event to date. 

This was a great opportunity for parents and students to find out about EducateFirst as a company and the work various members of the team have done over the years to support local communities with their educational needs.

The community of Bradford welcomed our ongoing learning initiative and responded with a fantastic turnout on the open day. Attendees took full advantage of the service, discussing their educational needs, goals and objectives with our qualified teachers. In addition to the wealth of materials and resources made available on the day for attendees to browse through, the event was further fuelled with complimentary food and drink, as well as the chance for children to enter a FREE prize draw to win some great prizes, including an Epson colour printer, FREE lessons for 1 month, a digital mini photo frame and a large novelty pen – winners will be announced during the start of our academic term in October.

Following the interesting feedback from the community of Bradford there is clearly an unmet need for educational support in the area with many students failing to reach their potential and fulfil their ambitions. Both parents and students welcomed our learning project and fully supported the company’s efforts to run classes in Maths, English and Science for children aged 5–16 years. Prior to the open day many students had already registered to attend classes – the remaining places were were quickly reserved by attendees on the day. Such was the demand for educational support that many of our classes are now full and we are unable to accept any additional students. Classes are scheduled to start on Saturday 6 October 2012 and will run every Saturday at the Grange Interlink and continue throughout the academic year.

The classes aim to provide full educational support to local children with the use of tutoring programmes aligned with the current National Curriculum. The classes will also help students build their confidence as well as develop and improve their essential life skills and communication skills. Many parents were keen to learn whether this will be a short- or long-term project. We are committed to supporting local school children and will endeavour to continue working with local tutors to ensure the support is available for as long as it is required by the community.

Private tuition was once regarded as a ‘luxury’ service that was only affordable by a select few. Here at EducateFirst we do not believe that private tuition should be a ‘luxury’ service and have strived to make the service an affordable necessity by offering advanced private tuition from only £5 per lesson – to our knowledge the lowest price offered by any professional private tutoring organisation in the UK.

The team at EducateFirst would like to thank members of the team who worked extremely hard over the past few months to make this event a tremendous success. We also would like to thank our teachers for their time at the event, staff at the Grange Interlink Centre as well as the various local businesses that supported the initiative. Last but not least the community of Bradford deserve a special thank you for welcoming our team to their city and we look forward to working with them and providing them with the highest standard of private tuition they expect and deserve.


21 thoughts on “Bradford education open day”

  1. We need more of these classes in Bradford. Kids really suffer hardship here.

  2. EducateFirst

    EducateFirst continues to provide educational support to students in Bradford. We are working with our centre managers and tutors to ensure we have the capacity to meet the demands of the local community. Please contact us to see how we can help.

  3. Mohammed Abdullah

    We missed the open day. let me know when is the next one as i want to attend tuition class.

    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Mohammed,

      Thank you for your message. The open day in Bradford was a great success and was greatly appreciated by the local community. There are currently no plans to hold another open day in Bradford, but additional events will be planned in other towns/cities. Details of all future events will be announced on our website in due course.

      Our educational project (tuition classes for school children) is currently ongoing in Bradford and students are welcome to register and attend. Feel free to contact us should you have any further queries or need any more information.


      The EF Team

  4. I really liked the open day. Please give information for the next one for my friends want to attend next time. Thankyou. From Klaudia.

  5. Mahmood Iqbal

    I missed the open day in Bradford in September. Are these classes actually running or was it just an information day for families to attend?

    1. EducateFirst

      Dear Mahmood,

      Our tuition classes for children are indeed running every Saturday. Subjects taught are Maths, English and Science for children up to age of 16 years (GCSE). Currently, there are 4 learning centres (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Dewsbury). We offer a professional tutoring service for just £25 per month. Hundreds of students benefit from this service every week.

      Please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

      Thank you.

      The EducateFirst Team.

  6. I did not know your company had a blog. I came across it when searching for some school stuff for my son. I hope to read more 🙂
    By the way I wanted to say thank you for helping my son in the classes. He is very happy that he found the help he needs and he likes coming to the sessions and has made new friends.

  7. When is the next open day? We got a leaflet but were on holiday when you had it. Please give me more information or where I can find it.

  8. Magnificent website. Lots of useful information here. I’m sending it to some other teachers and will pass on the link. Thank you on your effort!

  9. I have been to 2 of your open days. When is the next one? They are great and full of useful information for students and parents. You should invite teachers to attend as they would really benefit from some of the information you share – it will help them become better teachers in schools.

  10. What we need are some good solid teachers in Bradford who can teach the children in the area. Many kids struggle with basic education and do not pay attention in schools as their parents own businesses and the kids feel they don’t need an education. They are so wrong.

  11. Thank you for bringing this project to Bradford. I spoke to you last year about this and was told there are no plans to do this here. So glad that you decided to give the help that we need. I recommend the tuition given by your teachers as it has helped my daughter over the past 2 months.
    Thank you Educate First and a wishing your teachers a great christmas and a happy new year.

  12. Graham Holts

    Came across EducateFirst after an extensive search for tutoring organisations that will help me with my career as a teacher. I have just registered on the website to apply for a tutor job at your Bradford centre. I have a PGCE but have not yet been able to find full time work. I am happy to work day or evening and can teach all primary subjects. I am hoping that working at your centre will give me the experience I need to apply for full time work in schools.


  13. Hello Educate First. I am a tutor and have heard a lot about your company in Bradford. I would like to join as a tutor. Please can you let me know if it is possible for me to join and teach at your centre? I have a PGCE and can teach all subjects up to GCSE. I hope to work with you to help school children in Bradford.

    Thank you


  14. Dear Educate First,

    Will you be having another open day in Bradford this year? I understand the one last year was great and you helped alot of students. We would like to attend one this year if you have the details please.

    Very kind of you.


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Maths, English & Science Tuition • ONLY £6.25/hr