Learning walks

2 December 2012

Today, learning and teaching coordinators, and management staff at each tuition centre carried out ‘Learning Walks’ to ensure both students and tutors are making the most of their time in class and are receiving the best possible support they deserve. The key to successful tuition is the ability to build a good rapport between tutors and students, ensuring each and every student is comfortable with their work, yet remain challenged.

The the ‘Learning Walks’ will be used to provide feedback and guidance to tutors, students and their parents on how we can all work together as a team to help reach individual targets.

1 thought on “Learning walks”

  1. We have a similar system in place at our school. This has a real impact and helps the teachers to know if their lessons are being delivered properly. Sometimes it takes an outsider to sit in your class in order to give you some tips and advice. Having said this some teachers are not always open to feedback and can be offended. I am talking from personal experience here.



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