Easter 2012 prize draw and feedback

24 March 2012

The EducateFirst Team provided students attending classes in Maths, English or Science at each learning centre the opportunity to put forward their thoughts on how the community-based learning project was being delivered.

The students, aged 5–16 years, were asked what they liked about the classes and whether they felt it was providing them benefit. In addition, they were also asked what they did not like about the classes and whether there were any changes they would like to see in the near future.

For their efforts, students who provided feedback were entered into an Easter prize draw. One student from each of the four Key Stage groups had the chance to win Easter eggs – well it is the last day of term.

 Fantastic feedback

Student feedback was very positive. The majority of students were pleased with the tutoring service and support they were receiving; however, some minor adjustments could be made to the classes to ensure the needs of students are fulfilled. Below is a selection of comments received from students in each Key Stage:

 What we like about EducateFirst classes

Key Stage 1

“The teachers are really friendly. They help us with some of the things we find hard at school”

“I like coming here as I have lots of fun”

Key Stage 2

“Our teacher is the best. I did not like Maths as it is hard, but the teacher explains things and makes it more interesting so I am starting to enjoy it”

“I find my work at school easier now as I have been coming to EducateFirst. I want to keep on coming for as long as I can”

Key Stage 3

“The classes are just like being at school and we learn lots of new stuff”

“Topics are interesting and even though I have sometimes already done the work at school I find I understand it a lot better now and am confident to answer exam questions”

Key Stage 4

“We can bring in our school work and get the teacher to help us with the parts we do not understand”

“Everything about EducateFirst is brilliant – no suggestions for improvement”

“The classes provide a great atmosphere for learning – better than having a home tutor”

What changes we would like to see at EducateFirst

Key Stage 1

“I want to play more games”

Key Stage 2

“Please do not change my teacher as she is very, very nice”

“Can we have some sweets like we did at Christmas?”

Key Stage 3

“We should get more holidays like we do at school”

“We have to sit a test after completing each unit. This makes me quite nervous and I wish we did not have to do this”

Key Stage 4

“There should be the option of one-to-one tuition at the learning centre, but I do feel that group tuition has been of benefit to me personally”

“Although exam papers are provided and teachers help us with the questions, we should be allowed to sit a full mock exam during the class to see how we get on”

Next steps

The feedback received will be discussed at the next senior management team meeting and any necessary/feasible changes will be implemented moving forwards.

Parents, students and teachers can provide additional feedback online at the following link:


2 thoughts on “Easter 2012 prize draw and feedback”

  1. hello. will you do more prizes like last time for easter. i did not win easter egg or good prizes and want to win this time. i like coming to educateion first classes as i learn lots and lots of new things. i get boring in school holiday.

    1. EducateFirst

      Hello Sumera,

      We are sorry that you did not win the last competition. There will be an Easter competition next month so make sure you enter that. There will be Easter eggs and other goodies up for grabs so make sure you attend classes every Saturday in March for a chance to win. Your teacher will give you more details of the competition over the coming weeks.

      Thank you,

      the EducateFirst Team.

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