Tutor briefing session 2011

1 October 2011

As part of our commitment to the community-based learning initiative, the new academic year began with a teacher training day / briefing session. Sessions were held at our learning centres in Leeds and Huddersfield. The sessions comprised presentations from members of the management team, providing guidance and highlighting key objectives of the project as well as the important role of each tutor participating in the project.

There were some familiar faces and of course some new ones just joining the project. Delegates each received a tutor handbook with details / information of EducateFirst‘s syllabus and programmes of study for each subject and Key Stage. Key sections of our code of conduct were also communicated to ensure all participants are aware of the correct procedures and to ensure the smooth running of the project. In addition, a Q&A session provided tutors with the opportunity to convey their thoughts to the management team and other delegates.

This was a key part of the ongoing long-term commitment by EducateFirst and we look forward to another successful year.

– The EducateFirst Team.

3 thoughts on “Tutor briefing session 2011”

  1. Mohammed Ejaz

    Nice work for the community. Education is invaluable and should be treasured by everyone.

  2. Katy Godson

    If you’re still on the fence: get online and register to become a tutor. It opens many opportunities for the future. It’s the best move I made.

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