Summer school 2013 is a scorching success

29 August 2013

After 5 weeks of hard work (and fun), students attending the summer school tutoring sessions in Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford were put through their paces one final time with the end of summer test. But this last session was not all about more hard work.

The kids celebrated their achievements during the summer with some interactive games, including hang man, charades and a series of general knowledge quizzes. A variety of treats were shared among the groups – they didn’t last very long at all. 

Students were rewarded with prizes for their efforts and each received a certificate for their outstanding achievements in class. 

We also took this opportunity to receive some feedback of the summer school – great to see a house full of positive comments from students, parents and the tutors. Everyone played a major part in making the summer school in each of the learning centres a success. Well done to all those involved in the planning, managing and running of this successful event. 

The summer school opened doors to greater expectations as many students were attending EducateFirst’s classes for the first time. Realising the positive impact the tutoring sessions had made on their child’s learning, parents were quick to sign up for the next academic term.

The new academic term 2013-14 starts on Saturday 5 October 2013. The deadline for registration to attend any of the maths, English or science classes is Saturday 21 September 2013. Don’t delay, register TODAY and give your child the educational support they deserve.


10 thoughts on “Summer school 2013 is a scorching success”

  1. I agree with this article as I enjoyed sending my kids to the summer club. I would have liked the summer club to take place at least 3 times each week as the kids would learn more and also help them as they would not be getting bored at home.

    Same with the weekend classes – can you not hold these on both Saturday and Sunday?


  2. I have to say that your summer school in Leeds was fantastic. I have just registered by 3 kids for the new classes that you will be starting in October. I am looking to get some feedback from your teachers once they start.


  3. Missed your summer school as we were on holiday, but we would love to send our kids to your tuition classes next month. Hope to see everyone again soon.

  4. The summer school sounded like fun for the kids. Are you holding anymore events like this over Christmas holidays or Easter?

  5. Tuition when you need it most. It doesn’t spoil the summer holidays but makes children think about priorities.

  6. A scorching success indeed. Good luck for the next academic year to all teachers and students.

  7. Summer school 2013 is a scorching success in Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford. This was always going to be a useful event for kids as they have benefitted from the main classes during the rest of the year. The cost of the tuition is still very cheap considering it is the holidays. Now that its the academic year the fees are even cheaper – it just gets better and better.

  8. This is a great chance for children for get some education in the school holidays. Thanks to this company our kids get to learn throughout the year.

  9. Your summer school in huddersfield was very good indeed. will you be having the same again this year?

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