PGCE graduate recruitment fair

16 June 2011

Today, EducateFirst was invited to attend a recruitment event at the University of Huddersfield. The aim of the event was to provide PGCE graduates with advice and guidance with regards to their teaching career as well offer our services.

In addition to seeking advice from our company representatives, graduates registered with us for tutoring assignments within the Yorkshire region. We were able to offer private home tutoring assignments as well as the opportunity to work in our centres and gain valuable experience in a classroom environment.

Over 30 graduates registered with EducateFirst during the 2-hour event, with several being offered potential work, subject to the submission of relevant documents.

We welcome new tutors to join our expanding team. Whether you are highly experienced, an NQT, a PGCE graduate or in the process of completing your PGCE qualification, you are welcome to register with us. Click here for details.

13 thoughts on “PGCE graduate recruitment fair”

  1. I attended the graduate fair. It was a good event and got lots of info from people who attended. It is very hard to find a job these days after graduating, so this was a useful event. Didn’t think I would find a blog post from one of the companies that attended – nice one. Is it not too late to register with Educate First??? Thanks, Rohit.

  2. Great site and blog. Do you charge a registration free for tutors?

    1. I’ve really enyejod teaching on the side and am looking forward to doing it again this fall. Your tips are great, exactly what I do in nearly all cases. It really helps if you are at a show and people want to know how you did something.

  3. Hamid Jamal

    Nice website – is your organisation going to attend the next graduate recruitment event in Huddersfield? Do you attend any other events at other Universities in the area?

  4. Jonathan Keenan

    Seen a few companies offering part-time work for new PGCE graduates. You guys have been outstanding in providing me with the advice and support I needed to get my career going. Your CV service is great as you help me tailor my CV for specific job applications.

  5. Graham Alders

    Good news for tutors. I am looking to go into teaching and wondered whether it would be worth the effort given that there are so many people going into that career with very few jobs at the end. Nevertheless, a PGCE obtained within the UK is a great asset that is valued by schools and other organisations around the world.

  6. Mike Harrigton

    Excellent website. Packed with great information for tutors. I have just registered for tutoring work on your website. Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Amira Khanum

    Thought about becoming a primary teacher for some time now. Finally made my decision to go ahead with my plans after talking things through with someone at EducateFirst. I have applied to enrol on a PGCE course. Thanks for all your help and support guys.

  8. Ali Mohammed

    Some really useful info on your blog and website. I will pass on your link to others.

  9. Jim Anderson

    Hello. When is the next graduate fair for PGCE students and where will it be? I would love to attend.

  10. This is a comment to the webmaster. This is a great blog but it would be nice to see more regular posts describing the work you do as a company. I have seen the main website and I also like it. I will bookmark your page and visit again soon. Hope to find more interesting education news.

  11. Dear Sirs, Will a representative from your company be at the next Huddersfield recruitment event?

    Thanks, Kirsty.

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