Adult education open days

13 July 2011

Requests for adult educational support have been on the increase for several years. In particular we have seen an increase in demand for ESOL, EFL and IELTS exam preparation courses as well as the UK Citizenship (Life in the UK) test.

Being a recognised and established organisation within the education sector, EducateFirst has been approached by adults for advice relating to the aforementioned examinations. Continuing with our community learning initiative, we held two open days (11 and 13 July) to provide guidance to members of the community in relation to adult education.

The events in Leeds and Huddersfield provided individuals with an opportunity to seek FREE professional advice from qualified tutors specialising in adult education. The idea was to provide additional support in the form of classroom-style learning; however, given the specific requirements of each adult it was clear that one-to-one tuition home would be more suitable and beneficial for each individual. We are now offering support with preparing for ESOL, EFL, IELTS and Life in the UK tests with the help of our specialist home tutors.


6 thoughts on “Adult education open days”

  1. Pingback: Sammy D

  2. Will there be more open days for adult education anywhere in Leeds? I am looking to resit my GCSE maths as I need a grade C in order to progress in my current job.

  3. It is good to see you help people from other national country who want help for English education. I want to learn reading and writing but my speaking is very good. Please please I beg you to tell me if I can have class for grown up education for £5.

  4. Brindu Ballak

    More is needed to help adults in the UK. The education system is not good and support from companies like you is what helps the nation do better things and get good jobs.

  5. This is a superb website for adults and child who want to improve their education.

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