Huddersfield education open day

23 October 2010

Following requests from relatives of students who attended our Leeds centre, we extended our services to the town of Huddersfield where we held our second FREE education open day at the Hudawi Centre.

Many parents and students were already aware of the project we were running in Leeds and attended the open day in full force. As with our open day in Leeds, parents and students discussed their educational requirements with our specialist tutors over a coffee and nibbles. This was also a great opportunity for us to share our new work packs with parents to illustrate the type of work their children will be engaged in during class time. Attendees also entered a free prize draw where the top prize was a smart phone with full qwerty keypad.

With a new list of students requesting educational support in core subjects, our community-based learning initiative is set to continue. Watch this space for this project starting in Huddersfield soon.
— The EducateFirst Team

3 thoughts on “Huddersfield education open day”

  1. I have never heard of EducateFirst but from what I have read they offer a great service to local school children. I am looking to enrol my daughter on one of their weekend classes. Can anyone tell me of their personal experiences with this company? Thanks, Helen.

  2. Samantha Knowles

    Open day is Huddersfield? When is the next one? Would you need any teachers to help support these events? I am willing to offer my services at any time. I am a fully qualified teacher.

  3. Hi, I heard that your open day in Huddersfield was really useful for local kids. When will you be holding another? I want my kids to be very educated and to attend your learning courses on saturdays as I think they will benefit.

    thank you.


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