Educational work packs for 2010/11

8 October 2010

In preparation for the new academic year, we sat with a select team of tutors to devise an education plan and develop Maths and English school work books / packs for the students to use during class. These packs were being designed with the national curriculum in mind to help students at different key stages become proficient in core subjects, and will be used alongside books recommended Science.

After many long weeks, these exclusive packs for use in EducateFirst learning centres are hot off the press.

3 thoughts on “Educational work packs for 2010/11”

  1. Hi,

    I am assuming that all children who attend will be given an resources pack and they will get to work on these and keep them? The tutoring sessions in Leeds sound like a good idea for my children, but I want to make sure that will be taught in the groups and not just left to work through their books on their own as that is what other companies seem to be doing.


    1. EducateFirst


      At EducateFirst we offer full, hand-on classroom-style teaching. We do not allow our tutors to simply monitor the students working through their workbooks. In addition to group tuition, all our tutors provide one-to-one support to each child in their group.

      Our learning project has been successful as we do things differently to other organisations. We put the children and their educational needs first.


  2. I would love to buy some good resources for my children to work on at home. Can I buy some of the worksheets you have been using in your classes as they have been very useful. I wanted to use something similar so that I can do extra work with the children at home.

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