Final day of the academic year 2012–13

22 June 2013

Mission accomplished

This Saturday saw the completion of EducateFirst’s syllabus and teaching programme for the academic year. It was an eventful day at each of our learning centres – after completing their monthly tests, students participated in interactive educational quizzes. Treats and nibbles were made available for all to share. 

Achievements this year

The local communities within West Yorkshire have welcomed our educational support classes, with both students and parents praising us for our dedication and hard work. The teachers working on this project have done a fantastic job and the benefit to the local community is clearly evident. Here are just some of the services we have provided to local school children:

  • • Supplementary classes in Maths, English and Science for children aged 5–16 years
  • • Homework support
  • • SATs preparation
  • • GCSE exam revision and practice
  • • FREE ongoing assessments
  • • FREE monitoring progress and providing feedback
  • • FREE consultations for parents
  • • FREE advice sessions for students and parents
  • • FREE written progress reports for each child
  • • FREE career guidance and advice for students
  • • FREE competitions / learning incentives
  • • Continued monitoring, feedback and guidance/training for our tutors to ensure they provide students with the best possible support
  • • Coming up: an interactive and fun summer school programme for local children helping to bridge the gap in their learning and preparing them for the next academic year.

We are sure you will agree this is an impressive list – the additional FREE support offered has been outside the scope of the project, and although it has been a costly exercise the team continues to provide these services as we feel these are essential to support the educational needs of each student.


Thank you to…

  • • everyone involved in helping to make this community learning initiative a success. The dedication and hard work by our tutors and support staff has been outstanding.
  • • all staff at each of our learning centres for their support in ensuring the centres are open on time and helping us meet the needs of the local school children.
  • • Fatima Patel of Asian Sunday (Bradford) for her support in helping to raise awareness of our work within the community.

The centre managers would also like to personally thank all the students and parents for the lovely gifts and cards on the last day of term. Too many names to mention, but you know who you are.

It has truly been an amazing experience for us all and we look forward to working with everyone again in September.

What next?

The team will be busy over the summer break preparing for the next academic year where we will see new and improved changes based on the constructive feedback from parents, students and tutors. We have achieved a lot to date, but we will strive to continue to help meet the unmet educational needs of local families.

2013–14 tuition classes: deadline for registration is Saturday 21 September 2013. Classes will restart on Saturday 5 October 2013.

For now, roll on the Summer School.


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5 thoughts on “Final day of the academic year 2012–13”

  1. We LOVE Educate First and all the tutors are fab.

    Hope to see you all in October when the classes are back on.


  2. Hi, when do the classes in huddersfield start? please send me timetable for the year for all your classes.

  3. There are lots of people setting up as tutoring companies but they don’t seen to have got it right like EducateFirst. Your company is by far the cheapest and offers outstanding tuition to kids.

    I am very happy with the service and would recommend to all parents.

    Amjad (Huddersfield)

  4. I have to say that your classes this year are much better than last year. Don’t get me wrong they were great last year, but you lot have really gone the extra mile and done wonders with everything.

    Thank you EducateFirst.

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