A cracking start to the 2014-15 learning programme

11 October 2014

A cracking start to the 2014-15 learning programme

After a rather long summer break, the long-awaited day finally arrived when EducateFirst launched its 2014-15 learning programme for school children aged 5-16. The sessions got off to a cracking start across all centres and children attended in large numbers to benefit from the service.

We are pleased to announce a number of changes that have been implemented, including additional new tutors who have now joined our team as well as changes made to the way we teach, monitor/record student progress and offer feedback to parents. The changes are designed to offer an improved learning experience to the students and further enhance their knowledge and understanding in Maths, English and Science. Parents are encouraged to contact their tutors for an appointment to receive feedback on their child’s progress and also learn how parents can themselves further support their child’s learning at home.

Despite the success of the learning project over the years and its re-launch for the new academic year, there has been much scepticism from parents in terms of what level of tuition and support could we possible offer for just £6.25 (or even FREE tuition during promotional periods). However, one parent who attended the Huddersfield centre earlier today replied “You get more than what you expect”. In addition, we have a proven record of helping students reach their potential, boost their confidence and improve their grades at school. All this is achieved in a safe and fun learning environment with support from a team of dedicated tutors.

We look forward to the coming months as we endeavour to reach out to more students and strive to fulfil the educational wishes and needs of the local community.

Note: We had to turn away many students on the first day as they did not register in advance – we are sorry but we are unable to offer a ‘drop in’ service. Advanced registration is required and we hope to accommodate all new students in the next session.

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Maths, English & Science Tuition For Ages 5-16 • Limited Places • ONLY £6.25/hr

Maths, English & Science Tuition • ONLY £6.25/hr