2016 SATs week is here

8 May 2016

2016 SATs week

With SATs fast approaching, our year 2 and 6 students have been busy preparing for what will be their first external examination of their academic lives. Having recognised the ever-increasing role SATs results are playing in a child’s educational future, the EducateFirst team were determined again this year to create an effective and engaging revision course for our students for the weeks leading up to SATs week. The booster sessions the team produced were rolled out across the Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield centres earlier this year.

At EducateFirst, we firmly believe that children perform best when the natural pressure that comes with the exam period is relieved by fun and engaging revision activities. Over the course of the past 8 weeks, our year 2 and 6 students have been participating in interactive group sessions designed to help them consolidate the year’s work and become familiar with exam techniques. Many students have already reported that they now feel much more confident facing next week’s exams.

Our students will agree that our tutors at EducateFirst have been fantastic as always in providing them with this invaluable support. We have no doubt that our year 2’s and 6’s will perform excellently in the upcoming examinations and achieve outstanding results. We wish them the best of luck!

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  1. These booster classes have really helped my little boy in year 6. We think he has done very well in his SATS exams and the credit goes to your tutors for doing such a fabulous job in making sure he understands the high level work.

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