Tutor training and briefing session 2015

19 September 2015

Tutor training and briefing session 2015

Preparing to launch our community-based learning project at the start of the academic year is no small task, and our staff has been preparing to introduce some changes designed to further benefit the students attending our tutoring sessions.

Today, new and returning tutors were briefed on the forthcoming project to ensure all expectations are met and that students receive continued support over the academic year.

Project directors, coordinators, managers, tutors and other support staff participated in an informative, yet fun and highly interactive briefing session. Along with tea, coffee and other refreshments, the team enjoyed some light-hearted entertainment to help break the ice and introduce the members before highlighting some key points relating to the learning project:

  1. A revamped learning programme for 2015-16
  2. New work materials
  3. Lesson plans, structure and delivery for different Key Stages
  4. FREE welcome packs for students
  5. Monitoring student progress and providing feedback to parents
  6. Health and safety

This year, several tutors were invited to present and share their thoughts and experience during their participating in the learning project. This was key in providing new tutors with some hints and tips on how to work efficiently and effectively to ensure both students and tutors get the most out of each lesson. Some tutors have been working on the project for 3-4 years and expressed their great satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment knowing that they have helped so many students excel at school and achieve their academic objectives.

We now have an expanding team of 50+ tutors, managers, project coordinators and support staff participating in the learning initiative – each and every role is essential not only for the continued success of our work, but also for the improved confidence, self-motivation and academic success achieved by our students.

We thank all staff who participated in the tutor training and briefing session, and look forward to re-launching the learning project this academic year, which starts Saturday 3 October 2015.

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