SATs 2017 – let’s conquer them

8 May 2017

SATs 2017 – let’s conquer them

It is reported that primary school children sitting SATs are showing increased signs of stress and anxiety around exam time, with some suffering sleeplessness and panic attacks. In addition, parents and teachers have also reported high levels of stress and depression, with some teachers being in fear of academic failure. As a result there is increasing pressure on the government to rethink current strategy as well as lower the stakes by limiting what is reported in school annual performance tables.

At EducateFirst we recognise the stress such tests have on everyone, including both students and their parents, and we do our utmost to provide guidance and support to help alleviate some of the pressure. With a specific focus on preparing for the SATs week, our booster sessions, which concluded this weekend, ensured our students are now fully prepped to conquer the controversial national tests.

A survey of all year 6 students across our learning centres shows that 98% of students found the SATs booster sessions useful and feel more confident for the forthcoming SATs. This is excellent news and we thank all our teachers and staff for their hard work in supporting the students. We are sure all the hard work will pay off.

We wish all students sitting their SATs the best of luck!

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  1. My son attended your SATs booster classes this year and it has done him a world of good. He has learnt a lot of new things that he was not taught at school but came up in the SATs exams. Really shocking. The school really should have done a better job. Thanks to the tutors at Educate First I am hoping my son has done better than expected.

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