PGCE graduates get a helping hand from EducateFirst

21 January 2013

We were again invited by The University of Huddersfield to attend their PGCE graduate recruitment fair to support their new graduates find teaching jobs and other related work to help kick start their careers. 

So, a couple of our representatives attended the programme on this bitterly cold Monday afternoon, but after a rather warming cup of coffee they soon had their stand set up and were ready to recruit some fresh faces to join our expanding team of tutors.

As with many new graduates, PGCE graduates face a tough challenge in finding a suitable teaching position in their field of expertise. EducateFirst has been committed to helping graduates obtain suitable teaching posts. We can offer step-in opportunities at our learning centres where individuals can gain valuable teaching work experience and build the confidence they need before applying for that dream post. Tutors support young children to help them improve their grades and develop sound interpersonal skills, whilst building the confidence they themselves need to become good teachers.

Our staff at the recruitment day earlier today attended to the needs of the graduates, providing them with details of our company as well as examples of cases where we have supported tutors from The University of Huddersfield over previous years following such recruitment events. Our Teaching and Learning Coordinator was at hand to give some personal advice and guidance to help them as they embark on their new career paths.

The event was a great success and the team thoroughly enjoyed their banter with the graduates to gain a better understanding of their needs. We look forward to contacting all students who registered with us over the coming days to ensure we continue to provide a valuable and much-needed training and recruitment service that has earned EducateFirst its reputation in the field of education.

3 thoughts on “PGCE graduates get a helping hand from EducateFirst”

  1. Melissa Kay

    Hello there, will you be running more events for pgce graduates this year? I am from Leeds and would like to know if you can help me find a teaching post as i am really struggling.

  2. When is the next recruitment day? I wish to become a tutor with yourselves and work at your learning centres.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have just completed by PGCE qualification and would like to work as a tutor at your learning centres. I can see that you have a number of vacancies on your website and wondered whether anyone can apply for these or whether you have a criteria that needs to be met.

    I can teach Maths and Science to GCSE level and able to travel to Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, which my first choice being Huddersfield.

    Thank you.

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