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12 May 2014 

As many of you will already be aware our tutors have been committed to supporting students attending tuition classes as part of an ongoing learning initiative to help local school children improve their grades in school.

This week (12 to 15 May 2014) Key Stage Year 6 students around the country will be sitting their SATs or Standard Assessment Tests in school, and for the past couple of months we have ran special SATs preparation classes to further supplement learning and get students geared up and ready for the big SATs week. Our final special class was held over the weekend and parents have praised our tutors for the superb support and effort in helping their children prepare for the tests and gain confidence in their abilities.

Although many students need a lot of support in improving their skills and understanding in various topics within the National Curriculum, many others simply need a boost in their confidence in order to do well. EducateFirst tutoring sessions have catered for both needs and we are pleased to report that 77% of Year 6 students who attended the SATs support sessions said they now feel better prepared and think they will do well. This is great news and we thank our tutors for the outstanding work over the past couple of months.

We look forward to hearing from students and students when they get their test results so that we can determine what additional support they may require and how we can help them further to ensure they continue receiving the educational support they need and deserve.

GOOD LUCK to all students sitting their SATs this week.

Read more about SATs here: http://www.educatefirst.co.uk/student-parent-zone/sats

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