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How our classes work

An overview

Select an option below for an overview of the registration process and what you can expect from the tutoring sessions at our learning centres on Saturdays.

The Registration Process

The Registration Process

How Our KS1–3 Classes Work

Key Stages 1-3

*Your tutor will cover basic topics from the National Curriculum at the beginning of the academic year. This is to ensure that students understand and are familiar with the basic principals. As your child progresses through the year, more advanced and challenging topics will be covered. The work covered in our sessions may not necessarily be aligned with what your child is learning at school the same week, but if your child attends the full academic year, they will cover all key topics on the National Curriculum. For maximum benefit, we recommend that a child attends lessons for the full academic year (October to June).

How Our GCSE Classes Work


What we offer students/parents

Yes• Monthly assessments throughout the year
• A special tailored learning programme that follows the National Curriculum
• Special educational work packs and materials for use during class
• Opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress with our tutors
• Monthly and end of term written progress reports available for each child on request


 Tutoring programmes and ongoing assessments

Our unique and interactive tutoring programmes for each Key Stage and subject follow the current National Curriculum and are designed to help students get to grips with the basics early on in the programme before moving on to more advanced learning during the course of the year. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit from the tutoring sessions, we recommend a child attends the complete academic year during which they will cover all topics on the syllabus.

Our staff can help parents explore the various options and techniques to support their child’s learning needs. Tutors consistently assess children in class and provide feedback to parents as and when required. Students are also required to sit a test after completing each unit or module – this allows the tutor to assess and ensure the student has gained a thorough understanding of the topic. Our pass rate for students attending classes is OVER 85% and the majority of parents/students rate our tutoring services 5-STARS.


Additional student progress report

Although we offer a FREE monthly progress report for each child, parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the tutor. Please contact us should you wish to speak with your child’s tutor at any time and we will be happy to arrange a consultation. Optionally, an additional detailed written report on your child’s progress can be provided at a cost of £10 (per report) – 7 days notice is required for this service.


Order, timing and duration of lessons

Order At each learning centre the order of the lessons is as follows: Maths, then English, followed by Science.
Timing The specific times for each lesson varies depending on which learning centre you attend: Leeds  ¦  Huddersfield  ¦  Bradford.
Duration Each lesson lasts for 1 hour. Students requiring tuition in a single subject will attend the learning centre for 1 hour, two subjects for 2 hours, and three subjects for 3 hours.


Student numbers in class

The number of students in each class varies from 2 to 10 (maximum). Typically, there is one lead tutor for the students. In addition, a teaching assistant may also be allocated to groups where students may benefit from the additional support. Working with small groups our tutors can ensure that students receive the support they need and benefit from their attendance.


How to register

It is simple to register your child to attend our educational classes at one of our centres. Follow the steps below to register your child today.

Register for EducateFirst classesStep 1:

Complete the class registration form here, providing us with as much detail as possible. Registration to attend our classes is completely FREE and there are no hidden charges.


Step 2EducateFirst team member

A member of the EducateFirst team will contact you for your first monthly advance payment for your classes (£25 per month, per subject). That is only £6.25 per lesson. Payment options include credit/debit card, cheque, PayPal and cash. Advance payments must be made by the last Saturday of each month for the following month.


EducateFirst classes in Maths, English and Science

Step 3

That’s it. Your child can attend classes in Maths, English or Science at your nearest EducateFirst learning centre – details of our centres can be found here. Please contact us to confirm your start date. Students will need to bring their writing materials (pens and pencils) and a notebook – we will provide all resources during the lesson.





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