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EducateFirst recognises that there remains an unmet need for educational support for many children and is working to try and help various communities tackle this issue. Our community-based learning initiative is designed to help provide additional educational support to children outside of school. This support is provided in the form of kid’s weekend tuition classes offering a series of educational programmes focusing on Maths, English and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) for children up to GCSE level (KS4). Special classes also focus on SATs preparation courses for children in Years 2 and 6. Based on the National Curriculum for each Key Stage, these special programmes have proven to improve children’s numeracy and literacy skills, and help them develop a sound understanding of topics related to science. Each class is for 1 hour and children may attend either one, two or all three subjects, depending on which subjects for which they require support. Children are taught in small groups together with an element of one-to-one interaction with the tutor. Our tutors will explore each child’s learning needs and help achieve the most out of each tutoring session.

The majority of our tutors are qualified teachers* who can help your child with general school work, coursework, individual skills assessments as well as exam preparation and revision techniques.The interactive learning formats applied in our classes are an effective way of learning and help children develop core skills and enhance these to a more advanced level. Children with learning difficulties, special educational needs (SEN), dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can also benefit from this form of tuition. Children at our centres enjoy a series of fun, stimulating and challenging lessons throughout the yearly academic programme. Join the hundreds of satisfied children and parents who benefit from our affordable tutoring programme EVERY week.

Results from a community-based survey conducted by EducateFirst showed that well over 90% of students (or their parents) believed that attending our classes provided benefit and would recommend our learning programmes to a friend. The survey was conducted across all our learning centres and included a total of 218 parents/students (Key Stages 1–4).

Survey results for EducateFirst classes

We welcome children from all nationalities as well as ethnic and social backgrounds to attend our classes and be part of this successful community-based educational programme.

*On occasions when a qualified teacher is not available, we will use trainee teachers, teaching assistants, or individuals with relevant knowledge/experience. All tutors are DBS/CRB checked.



Cost of private tuition

Registration is FREE. To support the running of the classes, a small fee of only £6.25 (or £5 during special promotional periods) is charged per student per lesson (up to GCSE level) – this equates to an advance monthly payment of £25 that will cover you for a period of 4 weeks. The cost for A-level classes in £40 for 4 weeks. Students will also be required to pay for the educational work materials (only £10 per subject) that will be used in class throughout the academic year. There are no additional costs whatsoever and no long-term commitment on your behalf. Register here TODAY.

To our knowledge we are the only professional organisation within the UK to offer private tuition in core subjects for children studying at levels KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 for just £6.25 per lesson, and A-level for just £10. So, why are our charges so low? At EducateFirst we believe that every child should have the opportunity to engage in private tuition. However, with some organisations charging in excess of £25 per hour, not to mention a £50 registration fee, we understand that many parents can either simply not afford this or may not be in a position to commit to such services given the large sums of money involved. We have therefore reduced our tutoring costs for this educational initiative to the bare minimum, which will help towards our administration costs and other overheads, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of providing your child with the first class tuition they need and deserve throughout their school years. Who says you cannot put a price on education? We have…and it’s only £6.25.  

Thinking about child minding or child care services? Why not send your children to our tuition classes – not only will we mind your children, but educate them too for a fraction of the cost of hiring a child minder.

Note: The low cost of our class tuition does in no way reflect the outstanding and professional service we provide to local communities. We use fully qualified tutors wherever possible to ensure you and your child continue to benefit from this community-based learning initiative.


Our centres

Leeds, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Bradford in West Yorkshire, UK

Weekend classes are held at our centres in Leeds, HuddersfieldDewsbury and Bradford.

The Leeds centre is ideal for students living in the city centre, Alwoodley, Armley, Beeston, Bramley, Burmantofts, Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, Crossgates, Gipton, Harehills, Headingley, Hyde Park, Meanwood, Moortown, Oakwood, Roundhay, Scott Hall, Seacroft and Shadwell.

The Huddersfield centre provides easy access for students in the town centre, Birkby, Crossland Moor, Deighton, Edgerton, Fartown, Fixby, Hillhouse, Lockwood, Marsh, Paddock and Thornton Lodge.

The Dewsbury centre is ideally located for students in the town centre, Batley, Earlsheaton, Eastborough, Eightlands, Flatts, Ravensthorpe, Saville Town, Scout Hill, Shaw Cross, Thornhill, Thornhill Lees, Westborough and Westtown.

Finally, our Bradford centre is located within the heart of the city, providing easy access to students in and around the City Centre, Barkerend, Great Horton, Heaton, Lidget Green, Little Horton, Little Germany, Manningham, Thornbury, and West Bowling. 

We pride ourselves in providing this unique opportunity for various local communities. Click on your nearest centre below for more information along with a comprehensive list of areas covered by our learning initiative.



  EducateFirst Bradford centre for Maths English and Science tuition


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