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How it works

Registering for our personal one-to-one home tuition service could not be easier. Below is a simple step-by-step guide showing what you need to do. Register today and start enjoying our service

Register for home tuitionStep 1:
Provide us with your details by completing the registration form here.
Registration is completely FREE, with no hidden charges.



EducateFirst team memberStep 2:
A member of the EducateFirst team will contact you regarding your specific requirements and explain our tutoring fees. All being well, we will select a suitable tutor (this process can take up to 2 weeks).


Payment options for tutoring servicesStep 3:
We will send you a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions, which you will need to sign and return together with your payment for your first lesson. Fees start from just £18 per hour.



Arrange your lessonStep 4:
Our tutor will then contact you (usually within 48 hours) to arrange your first lesson.



Our tutors will develop a tailored programme to meet the specific requirements of each student, ensuring your child gets the best out of home tuition. Progress will be assessed using progress charts and, where necessary, the tutors will ensure that parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and provide any specific advice and special considerations.




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