Year 6 SATs 2015 – Are you ready?

10 May 2015 

This weekend saw the conclusion of the SATs booster sessions across all our learning centres. During the past 2 months Year 6 students have been engaged in preparing for their SATs which take place this week in schools across the country.

Thanks to all tutors for their amazing work in planning and delivering the SATs booster sessions. Students enjoyed working their way through past papers and gaining help in areas they struggled with. Having asked parents and students what they thought of the booster sessions we received an uplifting response:

“The sessions were really very good and I think they have helped a lot”

“The help my child got here is better than the help they got at school. Some teachers at school just don’t seem to care as much”

“Really very good and I am sure my son will do much better now with all the help he has got over the past weeks”

“The booster classes really helped me and I now know a lot more about the sorts of questions I will get in my test”

“I now feel a lot more confident for my SATs on Monday and hope I get good marks. I am hoping to get a level 5”

GOOD LUCK to all Year 6 students who will be sitting their SATs in school this coming week – from all staff at EducateFirst.

Read more about SATs here: http://www.educatefirst.co.uk/student-parent-zone/sats/

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