EducateFirst Easter 2013 message and competition

23 March 2013

Last week we introduced the Easter competition across all our tuition centres. Students had to write a small piece of text containing the words “EducateFirst” and “Easter”. This could have been a simple sentence,  a strapline, a poem, or even a song. All students were allowed to enter, and we must say, we did get some cracking work from them. With so many fabulous entries it only made the work for our judges even harder as they pondered over the entries to select the winners.

After much deliberation, our judges picked out what they considered to be the best entries in each of the Maths, English and Science classes in all centres. That’s a lot of winners, each receiving a goody bad and a large Easter egg.

Well done to all those who entered and congratulations if you were one of the lucky winners. 

It has been a fantastic term in which we introduced some key changes that would further benefit the students who attend the classes. We also offered parents face-to-face feedback sessions and written progress reports completely FREE of charge – a service that was very much welcomed by the parents. We also earned recognition for our efforts as a local newspaper attended the Bradford tuition centres to learn more about the support we offer students, with a view to writing an article to help raise awareness of the learning initiative. The news article was subsequently published – click here to read the article. In addition to all this, we were the first educational organisation to appear on the O2 priority moments application. What is more, we were not offering any discounted rates, but completely FREE tuition lessons for local school children in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

Having achieved so much in the last term we turn to thank our team of tutors for doing a fantastic job supporting this learning project. Their support has been instrumental the the success of the classes and we have earned recognition to a wider audience with the press. Also, a big thank you to all students and parents for putting your trust and faith in us. 

There is still the summer term to look forward to as we prepare our year 6 students for their SATs and our GCSE students for their final exams – all this on top of covering the national curriculum during class time. Although we approach our final term of the academic year, many parents have already shown an interest in attending our summer school, which has been a hit in both Leeds and Huddersfield over previous years. Stay tuned as we are in the process of planning a super fun summer of learning and hope to share details with you as soon as possible.

Have a cracking Easter holiday.

The EducateFirst Team.

A selection of our wonderful prizes…

3 thoughts on “EducateFirst Easter 2013 message and competition”

  1. milly malik

    hello….just would like say…my son seems to be enjoying the sessuons of english .so far its his second session so cannot really fully give any kind of feedback on his progress. however to see him go ibto class and out of class with a smile is positive enough..thankyou.

  2. Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter to everyone at Educate First. You do some amazing work with children.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Hi do you have competitions all year round? Is it only for school kids or can anyone enter?

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