Our Bradford centre has re-opened

Yesterday saw the return of our annual learning programme for the Academic Year 2020-21. The EducateFirst team warmly welcomed our new and returning staff and students at our Bradford Centre (The Grange Interlink Centre) on Saturday 3rd October. Many months of hard work and planning for the new academic year has ensured that we have been able to safely open our Bradford Centre from 2.15pm to 5.30pm each Saturday throughout the coming academic year as usual. It was fantastic to see many beaming smiles on the faces of our students (under facemasks and maintaining social distancing, of course!) during the Maths, English and Science sessions this weekend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it fundamental changes to the way we go about our daily lives. At EducateFirst, we have put robust safety measures in place to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents. To see our rules to be followed by all visitors to our centres, please visit: www.educatefirst.co.uk/coronavirus/  

Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to reopen our branches at the Hudawi Centre in Huddersfield and the Bangladeshi Community Centre in Leeds. However, we are working very closely with our partners and the Local Authority in both areas and hope to recommence our learning programme in Huddersfield and Leeds very soon! For the latest updates, please visit: www.educatefirst.co.uk/coronavirus/

A big thank you to everyone who made it possible to restart supporting local children and help them catch-up on the education they missed during the recent lockdown when schools were closed.

– The EducateFirst Team.

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Maths, English & Science Tuition • ONLY £6.25/hr